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Design of hand-made paper products
Product and PCS Design
Skill and Capacity Building
Graphic and Image Design

The focus of this project was to create new and innovative paper products which could be easily produced with very basic skill training by an identified group of girls.

Some of these girls were just about 13 years old, and so a key element of the design strategy was to develop products which would be fun to produce, and also was part of a larger learning process. This would enable the girls to ‘earn and learn’ simultaneously. The low skill level meant that the products needed to be designed to allow for production variation-the starting out group would not be able to mass-produce to stringent production standards.

Rhizome therefore developed a theme called ‘Imprint’. Each collection under this theme would be produced through two basic skills-hand printing, and basic cutting. The collections were carefully chosen so that they were relevant to the groups. Before beginning each production activity, the girls would be shown a presentation on the theme, and this would be followed by an interactive exercise. This was would help the group learn about new topics every time they began production, thus facilitating the ‘learn’ aspect.

One of the key directions was children’s parties and cards—‘to kids, by kids’. Two collections were designed and developed in this category— Jungle, and Ocean. The product range included cards, gift tags, return gift bags, wrapping paper, and party decorations.

A collection on a heart theme was also developed to help create the opportunity to teach the children about love. The product range included cards, bags, book marks, wrapping paper and folders.

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Heart in hand motif

Discussing love before making the heart motif cards

Awe-struck at seeing a youtube video on giraffes

Pre-production learning

Enjoying production

The young producers with cards they have made

Card made during training session

Heart collection motif

Elephant motif cards

Display of first training session

Packaged cards

Flamingo motif from jungle collection

Elephant motif for jungle collection

Pelican motif for jungle collection

Leopard motif for jungle collection

Zebra motif from jungle collection

Star-fish motif from underwater collection

Crab motif from underwater collection

Fish motif from underwater collection

Turtle motif from underwater collection

Sea anemone motif from underwater collection

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