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This collection was developed for Suoi Co, a handmade-paper producing SME in Vietnam.  The project was carried out under the umbrella of two institutions - SPIN and UNIDO. 

 The ‘button up’ collecton was developed to utilize the existing skill level of the group to value-add the paper. Most of the women in the group know the basics of stitching and embroidery - such as darning, or sewing on a button. This is why the basis of the collection is embroidered paper, which adds value to the paper itself, thus making it a premium product.

The SME makes interesting handmade paper through a labour-intensive process by women, making the product gender friendly and inherently socially sustainable.The challenge for the company is to increase its turnover. It is currently unable to upscale production because of two reasons. The first is shortage of labour, and the second is shortage of raw materials. The basic input material for the paper is the bark of a tree that is available in the natural environment near the group. However, unless the resource itself is increased, the harvesting of the existing natural stock would make the process ecologically unsustainable.

This is why the designs focussed on adding value to the existing paper through embroidery - an existing skill in the group. To demonstrate the applications of the embroidered papers, a range of lamps and stationery was developed. These products were designed to showcase the embroidered papers which also used cutwork.All of the designs fold flat and come together with buttons to take the theme of textile applications further and also to facilitate transporting the fragile paper products.

Suoi Co


Illuminated lighting

Buttoned up lamp

Detail of embroidered paper folder

Detail of embroidered paper

Detail of embroidered paper

Button-hole embroidery folder

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