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Bamboo Spa Accessories
Design of bamboo spa and wellness products
Product and PCS Design
Technology Development
Streamlining Production
Skill and Capacity Building
Documentation and Dissemination

The assignment included the design and development of spa and wellness products, to be eventually produced by the Charilam Cluster in Tripura. The products were to be commercially viable, easy to produce with the existing skill level and infrastructure in the cluster, and comercially viable.

Activities included research on the target segment, skillassesment, raw material assesment, tool and technology assesment, design strategy, and prototyping in a training mode. As most of the craftspeople were being exposed to this product genre and specifically these designs for the first time,the training was to be conducted in-situ, at the time of the prototyping itself. Finally, product photography was done, and costing of the products as well as marketing linkages were made. 

Design innovations included using textile cord to replace the dyed bamboo strips traditionally inserted into the weave to add colour.  Using textile cord opens up the potential of using different textures and colurs to create occasion based packaging - such as brocade cord for festive occassions, or pink taffeta cord for baby girl favours, thus increasing the design and PCS scope for this cluster.

Local tea glasses were used for candles inside the bamboo baskets as they were easily available.  Craftspeople and production teams were able to source them efficiently in terms of cost and time as compared to other alternatives.  The tea glasses also gave a local flavour to the products.



Multiple votive fish trap

Fishtrap aroma oil burners

Fishtrap votives

Tiffin box storage unit for manicure and pedicure items

Tiffin box storage unit for manicure and pedicure items

Double wall votive

Double wall votive packaging

Muruger ghor votive in box packaging

Muruger ghor votive with packaging

Khara votive with packaging

Khara votive packaging

Tissue box

Soap packaging

Utility set for wash-room

Bali collection tray and accessories

Zen collection tray and accessories

Craftsperson with Zen collection

Zen spa accessories collection

Bamboo amenities kit

Bamboo amenities kit

Bamboo stand with terracotta vase

Folding personal tray-table

Folding tray-table

Utility stand for spa
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